Invitation for Press Conference for sharing a groundbreaking discovery and Live Demonstration of Samadhi on the Eve of International Yog Day.

          I am Ved Prakash Gupta, a retired Scientist from RRCAT (Department of Atomic Energy), Indore. I am doing Yog Sadhana, an advanced meditation technique to develop the focus of mind for last 25 years.  I have also developed a science behind the Yog.  I have got extraordinary and amazing results which I am going to share in a press conference being organized at Gandhi Hall, Indore on June 20, 2023, on the eve of International Yog Day.  I am inviting you to kindly attend the press conference and watch unbelievable feat of Yog.  Following is the summary of my groundbreaking discovery.

          The Yog was developed by the ancient Rishis of India and its procedure was compiled by Rishi Patanjali in a commentary which the scholars of Yog call as “Patanjali Yog Sutra”.  The Rishis used to take Samadhi in a sealed underground pit and used to spend days doing Yog without oxygen.  After a rigorous practice of Yog for 25 years I have also attained Samadhi.  After the press conference I am going to demonstrate Samadhi by a scientific experiment.  I am mimicking the underground pit with a nitrogen chamber that does not contain any oxygen.  There is a oxygen meter attached with chamber which shows zero oxygen level.  To make doubly sure that there is no oxygen in the chamber a candle will be burn in gas coming out of the chamber but the candle will not burn.  I will spend 45 minutes in the chamber comfortable.  I will wear a pulse oxymeter on my finger.  The pulse oxymeter will show that the oxygen saturation level in my blood and the pulse rate remain within normal range after spending 45 minutes in oxygen free chamber.  This will establish that during Samadhi, my body functions normally without oxygen.  Many senior scientists, engineers and doctors will also attend this event to verify my claims. 

          Modern science can not explain this phenomenon because according to science life is not possible without oxygen and it will be a contradiction if science offer any explanation.  I have developed a new science by fusion of Yog and science, which I have named “Yog Science” which can be viewed as a convergence of science and spirituality.  Yog Science offers an explanation for this phenomenon.  According to Yog science, during samadhis when mind is fully focused, normal breathing is suspended and a new type of breathing takes place which is called Yogic breathing.  There is no inhalation of breath in yogic breathing and only exhalation takes place which keeps on repeating after an interval.  This type of breathing is also described in Sutra 1.34 of Patanjali Yog Sutra.  I have analyzed Yogic breathing experimentally and theoretically and found that during Samadhi, when mind is fully focused, Atman generates oxygen in the brain by interacting with the neurons and there is no need to take oxygen from environment.  The discovery of new aspect of Nature became possible only because of practice of Yog and will be of immense importance and utility for mankind. 

          Modern Science does not believe in existence of Atman but the Yog science has given a theory of Atman explaining the composition and properties of Atman. I have developed instruments and sensors to establish the existence of Atman experimentally. The Nitrogen Chamber experiment also proves the existence of Atman. These sensors and instruments can also record the degree of focusing of mind (Dhyan) during the practice of Yog. In this way the meditation and Yog that are considered subjective practices till now, have become fully scientific procedure. This very crucial development has become possible because of fusion of neuroscience and philosophy of Vedant. It has become possible to discover new laws of Physics by Yog and rigorous study of Vedant and Bhagvadgita. These new laws of Physics form the basic of Yog Science which do not only explains the spiritual phenomena such as Samadhi, Kundalini and Moksh but also explains the nature of Dark matter, a new explanation of Big Bang event and many cosmological observations that are mind boggling for scientists. After a public demonstration of Nitrogen Chamber experiment and its authentication by eminent scientists and engineer, a paper on Yog Science will be sent for publication in ‘Nature’ a most reputed journal of science.This discovery will have same place in the world of science which other great discoveries such as Gravitation, Atom and Quantum Theory have.


Yog is a spiritual practice to develop the concentration of mind which can be treated as an advanced meditation technique.  After practicing Yog for 20 years according to Patanjali Yog Sutra, I have attained a state of Samadhi in which I can live without the environmental oxygen comfortably for one hour or more.  I have recorded a video in which I have spent 30 minute in an oxygen free chamber and in this duration oxygen saturation level and pulse rate remain within the normal range. 

In the most authentic text of Yog, Patanjali Yog Sutra describes this final Samadhi as Nirbeej Asampragyat Samadhi, a state of fully focused mind, during which the normal breathing changes to the Yogic breathing described in sutra PYS.1.34. In ancient time, the Yogis used to practice Yog in an underground pit, in an environment without oxygen for days employing the Yogic breathing.

The modern science can not explain this phenomenon because the science only tells us that the life is not possible without oxygen and normally a person dies without oxygen within few minutes.  In order to explain this phenomenon I have developed a new dimension of Physics which remained explored till now.  I have called this new dimension of Physics as the Yog Science because it has come out as a result of the practice of Yog.  The knowledge of Physics was limited by now and it was not possible to explain many phenomenon of Nature and there existed an Explanatory Gap in Physics.  With the development of the Yog Science, the knowledge of Physics is now complete and it will possible to explain scientifically all natural phenomena including the dual nature of matter possibly.  I have written a book on Yog Science entitled :

An Introduction To Yog Science

Theory of Mind and Atman

Yog Science proves the existence of Atman (soul) theoretically and empirically.  The Nitrogen-Chamber-Experiment shown in video is an additional experimental evidence to establish the existence of Atman.  Yog science may emerge as the greatest discovery of science which has come as a package of many ground breaking discoveries and achievements. 



The new science that explains completely how a person can live without taking oxygen from the environment under a particular stage of Yog, appears to be a specialized science developed only to explain specific stage of Yog called Samadhis.  On the contrary this new science is a new dimension of Physics that remained unexplored till date.  I have given it the name “Yog Science” because this science has come into the existence as a result of the practice of Yog.  This practice of Yog is the original Yog that ancient Rishis of India used to practice and it is compiled by the Rishi Patanjali in a text called Patanjali Yog Sutra an original and authentic text for the practice of Yog.

The present day Physics does not explain the Nature completely.  For example Physics does not answers a fundamental question “What is life and what makes life possible?”.  Famous Physicist, Erwin Shroginder has proposed the chemical basis of life in his book.  ‘What is life’ but he could not explain what makes life possible.  Albert Einstein did not accept the Quantum mechanical explanation of dual nature of matter fully saying that it is more a Mathematics than Science and can not describe Nature fully and accurately.  Einstein did not like the idea of calculation of probability of an event in Quantum theory and said “God does not play dice with universe.”  According to him there is no room for fundamental randomness in science.  He envisaged another dimension of Physics for describing the Nature completely and accuratetly.  Yog Science is this new dimension of Physics that can solve the mysteries and the explanatory gap in science.  In this respect, the discovery of Yog Science is as groundbreaking as the earlier discoveries of Gravitation, Atoms,Theory of Relativity and the Quantum theory.

The evolution of Yog Science has become possible because of study of Nature by ancient Indian Rishis whom I refer as the ancient Scientists of India who provided us a huge and valuable source of knowledge in the form of Hindu Scriptures Veds.  The Yog Science is essentially a fusion of Neuroscience and the theory of Advait Vedant according to which the Atman and the Brahman are not two (Advait).  A rigorous account of Vedant is available in the text “Brahma Sultra Bhasya” written by Adi Shankaracharya ji who was instrumental in the revival of knowledge of Veds after the attack of Buddhist and foreign rulers.  I contemplated the Advait Vedant from the perspectives of Physics and incorporated it into Neuroscience and the Yog Science was born.

Yog Science is a multi-disciplinary field that encompasses the subjects such as Physics, Electronics, Neuroscience, Physiology, Psychology and Spirituality (Advant Vedant and the Patanjali Yog Sutra).  Yog Science does not only explain spiritual concepts and phenomena like Samadhis and Kundalini but it also explains each and every human behavior that have been observed by the psychologists and is taught in the books of Psychology.  In addition, Yog Science also discusses the para normal phenomenon such as Out of Body Experience (OBE), telepathy, re-incarnation and many more. 


The practice of Yog was taught under Guru-Shishya Parampara (Teacher-Disciple tradition) in ancient times which discontinued due to the rise of Buddhism and invasion by foreign rulers.  But fortunately we have the text of Patanjali Yog Sutra that describes Yog in 195 sutras (Aphorisms).  These aphorisms are extremely abbreviated and not well understood.  There are many commentaries on PYS by different authors who simply translated the Sutras from Sanskrit without understanding the truth conveyed by Sutras.  I understood aphorisms of PYS by actually practicing the Yog according to eight limbs of Yog and I attained all samadhis (Mental States) as mentioned in PYS.  Now the Patanjali Yog Sutra has not only been decoded but it has been developed into a complete scientific practice which will be practiced according a scientific theory of Yog given in the book of Yog Science.  There are the devices (gadgets) for monitoring the progress made during the practice of Yog.  This will eliminate the need of Guru Shishya tradition and Yog can be taught through the education system globely


The Rishis of ancient India discovered the existence of Atman thousand of years ago and attributes of Atman are explained in detail in Hindu scripture Veds.  But the modern science has never accepted the existence of Atman because science accepts the existence of only those things for which there is a complete theory which can be verified experimentally.  Yog science has accomplished this task by presenting a complete theory of Atman which can be verified experimentally.  The Nitrogen Chamber experiment shown in the video is also such experiment which offers an evidence for existence of Atman.  Yog science explains in the language of Physics that when mind is fully concentrated, then by a new mechanism of Yogic breathing, Atman generates oxygen in the brain and there is no need to take oxygen from the environment.  Such experiments are only needed to prove the existence of Atman scientifically but according to Yog Science the Atman is ubiquitous : Our thoughts, consciousness (Chetna), every movement of body and working of body are simply the manifestations of Atman.


The human mind has always been a great mystery for the philosophers and later for the scientists.  The neuroscience only studies the brain and not the mind.  A serious experimental research to understand the functioning of mind began in 1990 by the effort of Nobel laureate Dr. Francis Cricks who discovered the helical structure of DNA molecule.  This was the beginning of a new field of research called the “Science of Consciousness”.   Hundreds of scientists tried to study consciousness (chetna) by proposing the concept of Neural Correlates of Consciousness (NCC) and making use of brain imaging techniques such as PET’s scan and functional MRI.  The scientists could not reach any conclusion even after 30 years of research.  A few scientists have now expressed the view that it may take another 50 years to understand the mind while many others are skeptic about it.  The Yog science has not only explained the consciousness, it has provided a detailed theory of mind which can be verified experimentally.  This theory is known as the NeuroBrahmic Theory of Mind.  The research on consciousness could not reach any conclusion because scientists involved in research were of materialistic mindset who didn’t believe in the existence of Atman (soul).  They began the research on the proposition that the consciousness is generated by the complex network of neurons of the brain.  While the Yog Science has proved scientifically the existence of Atman and consciousness as a product of Atman.  The Atman exists independently without the support of body.


Dhyan, that is the concentration of mind is central to the practice of Yog.  Until now it is believed that Dhyan is a subjective entity and it can not be monitored.  In other words, if a person is practicing to concentrate the mind during Yog, the other person can not know whether his mind is concentrated or it is wandering.  The NeuroBrahmic theory of mind has defined Dhyan as a scientific parameter and on that basis entire instrumentation has been developed to monitor Dhyan.  Now it will be possible to monitor the progress in the practice of Yog by measuring the Dhyan and recording the data.


                   Advait Vedant is the basis of Yog Science which discusses in great detail the Brahman, a cosmological matter pervading the universe.  On contemplating on the Brahman from the perspectives of Yog Science, a basic nature of Dark Matter is revealed. Yog science proposes a theory according to which the Dark Matter has evolved during the Big-Bang complying to the laws of Physics.  The new Big Bang theory explains the mysteries which earlier theory of Big Bang could not explain.  Those mysteries are : (1) Why is there an unexplained gravitational field around the distant galaxies, (2) Why are the galaxy accelerating instead of receding with constant speed.  What gravitational force is causing the acceleration of galaxies.


During his tour to America, Swami Vivekanand emphasized on the union of science with spirituality and he even said “Spirituality is  the science of soul.  Spiritual Guru and Nobel Laureate Dalai Lama expressing a similar view said “Universe is a single atom, the convergence of spirituality and science.  Max Planck, the father of Quantum Physics was a great advocate of unity of science and spirituality and he even said that spirituality and science are complementary to each other.  The Yog Science is nothing but the fusion of spirituality and science.  This fusion would be a great initiative to establish peace across the world.  The spirituality is an inseparable part of religion. Various religions were founded to establish peace and harmony in the world but the religions not only failed in their mission but they also created hatred and violence. 


                   According to Advait Vedant, Atman and Brahman are one and the same, they only differ in dimension.  When Yog Science proves the existence of Atman scientifically, it can also be taken as an evidence for existence of God. The Brahman, Ishwar, Paramatma and Universal Consciousness are names for Nature God. When anything exists in Nature, according to science it must exist in the form of a matter or substance.  Although this matter may be too subtle to observe directly, but existence of matter give rise to some physical effects that can be observed by devices and instruments.  The Atman and Brahman are also such suble substances which can not be observed directly by any scientific equipment.  The Yog Science has revealed many such observable effects of Atman and generation of oxygen in the brain is one such effect.  At cosmological scale, the physicists have hypothesized the Dark matter and many cosmological observations are being attributed to the presence of Dark matter without knowing its nature.  The scientists are of the opinion that Dark matter is too subtle to be observed empirically but the experiments are still continuing to detect the presence of Dark matter.  According to Advait Vedant, the matter of Atman is the same as the matter of Brahman and Yog Science has revealed the nature of Atman and thus the nature of Brahman (Dark matter) is also revealed.  According to the new explanation of Big Bang event, by the Yog Science, the Dark matter has evolved during the Big Bang event and this is compatible with the fundamental laws of Physics.

According to scientific hypothesis the Dark matter is pervading the universe and according to Advait Vedant Brahman is pervading the universe.  Both the Dark matter and the Brahman have been hypothesized as too subtle to observe.  This leads to a conclusion that the matter of Brahman is the Dark matter. In Religions, the Brahman is known to exist in the form of a person God such as Allah, God the Trinity and Bhagwan. Thus God exists in the universe as the Dark matter.  The existence of Dark matter is sufficient scientific evidence for the existence of God.   This is only a beginning of Yog Science, as the Yog Science develops further we shall be able to understand God scientifically in more detail.  Of course we may not understand God fully because God is said to be infinite in every dimension but a long standing argument “whether God exists or not” will come to an end.


(A)    The discovery that the oxygen can be generated in the brain by concentrating the mind, will add a new dimension to the Medical Science and it will be immensely useful for the humanity. Imagine a hypothetical situation, where Yog was a common practice and it was known that oxygen can be generated in brain by concentrating the mind, millions of lives could have saved during Covid pandemic.

(B)     The medical science has developed on the belief that there is no Atman and it has no role to play in the body.  Now it is established scientifically that the Atman exists and it controls each and every activity and function of the body, there will be need to review Medical Science with reference to the role of Atman and this will lead to solutions to many unanswered questions in Medical Science.  For example we will come to know the root cause of many diseases and of ageing.

(C)     The stress, anxiety and depression have increased upto an alarming level in modern era.  These disorders are being treated symptomatically without knowing the root cause.  Yog science has explained in detail the root cause of these mental disorders.  There is no instrument in Medical Science to measure the stress and the doctors are treating the patients on the basis of Self-Report only.  The instruments developed for measuring Dhyan can be modified to measure the stress on body caused by anxiety.

(D)    The Psychology is still not a complete science.  The psychologists study the behavior by collecting the data but they can not explain the cause of the behavior.  The cause of behavior is mind and psychology has no scientific explanation of the mind.  Yog Science has provided NeuroBrahmic Theory of Mind and now the psychology will proceed to become a mainstream science.

(E)     Yog science has evolved as a mainstream science like Physics, Chemistry and Medical Science and it is ready for teaching in the education system globally.  It is secular in nature as it is not directly related with any religion.  Spiritual development of students can be possible if it is introduced early in the education system.  The students can lead a life free of stress and anxiety.  There will be no social evil.  The cause of social evil is Agyan, the ignorance and the Yog destroys the ignorance and instills the truthfulness.