Invitation for Press Conference for sharing a groundbreaking discovery and Live Demonstration of Samadhi on the Eve of International Yog Day.

          I am Ved Prakash Gupta, a retired Scientist from RRCAT (Department of Atomic Energy), Indore. I am doing Yog Sadhana, an advanced meditation technique to develop the focus of mind for last 25 years.  I have also developed a science behind the Yog.  I have got extraordinary and amazing results which I am going to share in a press conference being organized at Gandhi Hall, Indore on June 20, 2023, on the eve of International Yog Day.  I am inviting you to kindly attend the press conference and watch unbelievable feat of Yog.  Following is the summary of my groundbreaking discovery.

          The Yog was developed by the ancient Rishis of India and its procedure was compiled by Rishi Patanjali in a commentary which the scholars of Yog call as “Patanjali Yog Sutra”.  The Rishis used to take Samadhi in a sealed underground pit and used to spend days doing Yog without oxygen.  After a rigorous practice of Yog for 25 years I have also attained Samadhi.  After the press conference I am going to demonstrate Samadhi by a scientific experiment.  I am mimicking the underground pit with a nitrogen chamber that does not contain any oxygen.  There is a oxygen meter attached with chamber which shows zero oxygen level.  To make doubly sure that there is no oxygen in the chamber a candle will be burn in gas coming out of the chamber but the candle will not burn.  I will spend 45 minutes in the chamber comfortable.  I will wear a pulse oxymeter on my finger.  The pulse oxymeter will show that the oxygen saturation level in my blood and the pulse rate remain within normal range after spending 45 minutes in oxygen free chamber.  This will establish that during Samadhi, my body functions normally without oxygen.  Many senior scientists, engineers and doctors will also attend this event to verify my claims. 

          Modern science can not explain this phenomenon because according to science life is not possible without oxygen and it will be a contradiction if science offer any explanation.  I have developed a new science by fusion of Yog and science, which I have named “Yog Science” which can be viewed as a convergence of science and spirituality.  Yog Science offers an explanation for this phenomenon.  According to Yog science, during samadhis when mind is fully focused, normal breathing is suspended and a new type of breathing takes place which is called Yogic breathing.  There is no inhalation of breath in yogic breathing and only exhalation takes place which keeps on repeating after an interval.  This type of breathing is also described in Sutra 1.34 of Patanjali Yog Sutra.  I have analyzed Yogic breathing experimentally and theoretically and found that during Samadhi, when mind is fully focused, Atman generates oxygen in the brain by interacting with the neurons and there is no need to take oxygen from environment.  The discovery of new aspect of Nature became possible only because of practice of Yog and will be of immense importance and utility for mankind. 

          Modern Science does not believe in existence of Atman but the Yog science has given a theory of Atman explaining the composition and properties of Atman. I have developed instruments and sensors to establish the existence of Atman experimentally. The Nitrogen Chamber experiment also proves the existence of Atman. These sensors and instruments can also record the degree of focusing of mind (Dhyan) during the practice of Yog. In this way the meditation and Yog that are considered subjective practices till now, have become fully scientific procedure. This very crucial development has become possible because of fusion of neuroscience and philosophy of Vedant. It has become possible to discover new laws of Physics by Yog and rigorous study of Vedant and Bhagvadgita. These new laws of Physics form the basic of Yog Science which do not only explains the spiritual phenomena such as Samadhi, Kundalini and Moksh but also explains the nature of Dark matter, a new explanation of Big Bang event and many cosmological observations that are mind boggling for scientists. After a public demonstration of Nitrogen Chamber experiment and its authentication by eminent scientists and engineer, a paper on Yog Science will be sent for publication in ‘Nature’ a most reputed journal of science.This discovery will have same place in the world of science which other great discoveries such as Gravitation, Atom and Quantum Theory have.

2 thoughts on “Invitation for Press Conference for sharing a groundbreaking discovery and Live Demonstration of Samadhi on the Eve of International Yog Day.”

  1. Good evening Ved.
    It may be in the fitness of things to invite some ISRO, NASA & Starlink scientists to witness samadhi. Developed further, to increase the samadhi period over few days, this technology might prove milestone for colonising Mars which has abundance of Nitrogen.
    Wish you success & good health.
    Prem Lal Pandey
    Your batchmate

    1. Very happy to hear from you and taking interest in this discovery. I am aware of that this discovery of new aspect of Yog will find applications space research and in medicai science. Now my next goal is to push this discovery of Yog to masses. i will welcome any other relevant feedback in future.

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